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How illumr Consulting helps

Sometimes, it is impossible to train Neural Networks (NN) models “out-of-the-box” as they often fail in real-world applications.

Illumr’s unique set of proprietary tools negate this issue.

Organisations can leverage their data to identify threats or opportunities for a competitive edge. For example, these signals could indicate:

1. an emerging pattern of fraud

2. a new threat vector in cyber space

3. a subpopulation of clinic trials data that could give a better cancer outcome

illumr applies its Data Science expertise from academic research in Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks  to deliver custom solutions.


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How illumr Consulting works

Illumr’s solution is a customisable Neural Network and is based upon illumr’s unique research in:

1. Pre-training weights

2. Selecting the optimal network architecture

3. Selecting the optimal learning hyper-parameters

It can be infeasible to train the NN’s out-of-the-box as we often encounter huge parameter spaces. These make it impossible to find a satisfactory solution in most cases.

We have avoided this problem through our unique weight-initialization techniques. This is a cornerstone of our consulting solutions. It allows us to optimise at a part of the parameter space that is very close to a global minimum.

The result for our customers is a state of the art solution, resulting in fast and accurate predictive performance for a significant competitive edge.