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How Columbus helps

Non-experts can see, interpret and act on hidden insights in their business’ data. Columbus shows objective truths about your data’s behaviour, free of human bias.

See how your data naturally organises free of any assumptions. Understand how your customers behave better. Recognise emergent threats earlier. Stay one step ahead of risks, threats and opportunities.

Columbus is ethical. It does not fall prey to discrimination, bias or prejudice.

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How Columbus works

Analysing data is normally hard. First, Data Scientists propose several hypotheses. These are then proven or disproven through analysis. This introduces human bias at an early stage – and it can take weeks, or even months, to prove or disprove.

Columbus is a hypothesis free data analytics solution. It finds insights using a new methodology in unsupervised learning. That means it analyses data free of any pre-set human biases. Because it is not looking for anything specific, Columbus flags all interesting data patterns. So it finds insights that supervised solutions do not.

Columbus fixes the problem that traditional analytics tools make objective exploration of data difficult. It is a desktop app anyone can use.

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How Columbus has helped customers

How Columbus helped easyJet communicate effectively with customers

The challenge

Analytical methods had failed to identify natural segments of customers within easyJet’s data.

Segments are often chosen apriori (e.g. holidaymakers, businesspeople). Customers are then forced to fit into one of those categories. The airline’s inability to accurately segment customers meant their targeted marketing was ineffective.

The solution

With Columbus, a cluster was chosen and analysed – it found customers could offer 8x more value for easyJet on average.

In the identified cluster, customers travelled for both business and leisure purposes. Forcing customers into one or the other therefore would have failied to identify this high value group.

The result

The airline is now better able to understand its customers’ behaviours. It can identify natural segments of customers free of human bias.

easyJet can now effectively tailor its marketing for increased sales and customer engagement.


Christopher Columbus was a pioneer who discovered The New World. His discoveries changed what we thought we knew about the planet and paved the way for progress. The Columbus tool helps businesses progress by discovering new and unseen insights from datasets.