Rapid Decision Support

How Emergency Data Science helps

Using data science, AI and macroeconomics to model your business we create a unique user interface to safely explore different virtual outcomes in real-time.

In times of real need, fast and effective decision making is critical. Model the effect of debt collection vs holiday for your customers. Review the impact of stocking up or down on cashflow. Make data-informed decisions on whether to furlough staff with our ‘Explainable AI’.

Emergency Data Science

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How Emergency Data Science works

We work with you to create a mathematical model of your business capturing the important inputs to your operations and how they can be affected by the current crisis.

We create an interactive dashboard modelling the effect of each factor on your business performance. From macroeconomic factors like Consumer Sensitivity or GDP Recovery Rate to your specific costs like salaries and rent, we give you the ability to test the impact of pulling each lever and compare different scenarios.

Unlike black-box AI, illumr provides ‘Explainable AI’ and the ability to justify the decision making process to shareholders, employees and the wider population.

How Emergency Data Science has helped customers

Modelling the retail business of Alain Delon

The challenge

Alain Delon is an international retailer and manufacturer of high-end men's fashion. The company leadership must decide which shops to close permanently, in order to minimise the loan facility required to survive the crisis.

The solution

In less than a week, illumr delivered a tailored service, mapping out the main operational components of the business.

The final offering was an interactive dashboard able to predict the financing required to keep an individual store open, with the ability to vary market and store characteristics in order to combat uncertainty.

The result

Alain Delon now understands the required loan facilities and rent negotiation that must take place for each of their stores to survive.

This understanding is derived from mathematical modelling and thorough consideration of contributing factors rather than gut-feel, leading to a stronger negotiation position with landlords, banks and employees. Alain Delon can minimise permanent store closure and financing required for survival.


“Retail is facing a dire situation and many shops will not make it to the other side of this crisis

illumr worked with me to create a model of my possible business responses to this difficult situation at astonishing speed, to aid my decision making.

Now I am in a much more informed position to negotiate shop rent and staff salary discounts, allowing more of my shops to survive.”

Richard Wohlstein, CEO, Alain Delon